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We spent the afternoon on Father’s Day with my grandparents at their church in San Diego.  The main reason we go is to play ping pong with my 93 year old grandpa.

My Brother, My Dad and I

My Grandpa Too Fast for 1/125 sec Shutter Speed

If I don’t do any crazy spikes my grandpa would beat me hands down.  I find myself running back and forth as he calmly returns all my volleys.

I hope I have his eye hand coordination when I am 93.

It’s always a challenge to get my grandpa to smile for a photo, but when he does it’s worth it.

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Palm Springs with some friends from work.  The weekend was filled with relaxing by the pool, watching movies, eating, drinking and one evening of Celebrity Taboo.  The food was inspired by Felipe and Claudia which was incredible and plentiful.



While we relaxed Lauren finished some last minute studying amongst the chaos.

Saturday evening there was an intense game of Celebrity Taboo which made for some funny expressions and impressions.

It was such a fun time we rarely talked about work, so it turned out to be the perfect long weekend!

While we were out in Palm Springs, Katharine and I decided to take advantage of the aerial tram to climb Mt. San Jacinto, one of the big three peaks in SoCal. More on that in another post!

By Katharine

We have been extremely lazy about updating our website lately… I blame final exams and then all the celebrating for the holidays.  Still, better late than never even if we made these gingerbread houses weeks ago!

The last weekend before we all left for the holidays, my friend Ashley from work invited us over for a gingerbread house making party. We all brought our favorite decorative candy and then got right to work. Well, after having a mug of mulled wine of course!

Christmastime and especially mulled wine always remind me of my year in Heidelberg because of the traditional German Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas markets). I got to walk past the Heidelberg Weihnachtsmarkt every day in December (and I drank lots of mugs of mulled wine to keep warm):


Ashley’s mulled wine was quite delicious too! And I think it inspired everyone to get very creative with their gingerbread houses.

Mine was pretty traditional, besides the red-nosed, one-antler-ed reindeer by the front porch:


And Nathan definitely gets the prize for most unusal…

Although it didn’t work out exactly as he planned, you can totally tell it’s an igloo (right?!)
All in all, it was a great way to spend our last weekend before the holiday break! Thanks Ashley 🙂