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Welcome to NateKat.com! We started this blog back in 2010 to share with our family and friends what we’ve been up to. Since then, we’ve gotten really into hiking and backpacking so we use the blog to capture our adventures and share our photos.

After 5 years of living in LA together, we moved to the East Coast in October 2013. We were lucky to be able to take off 2.5 months during the move to do a road trip through the western US, hitting as many National Parks as possible. We had an amazing trip; for a recap of the highlights, check out this post!

Now we are still getting settled in Pennsylvania, adjusting to East Coast life and weather. We bought a house in May 2014 and are having a lot of fun fixing it up. Unfortunately that has cut into our hiking time, and since we don’t want to make this a home improvement blog, it also means we haven’t been posting nearly as frequently. But we definitely have plans to explore more of the East Coast parks and wild areas, and we also have some big trips coming up that I’m sure will lead to great stories and pictures. So stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy our posts and photos, hopefully they show our love of the outdoors and maybe even inspire others to get outside as well!

Nathan & Katharine

Updated August 2014

  1. Chris Moore’s avatar

    Nate and Kat,

    It is awesome seeing your latest travels. Yosemite s my favorite place on Earth. I have hike the same trail as your pictures. I know the joy. I believe you are approaching the Oregon border. I have spent many happy days where you are now traveling. I would Ike to remind you of Fern Valley. There is camping on he beach or it is a simple hour stop.

    I forwarded your new address to the management company. I’m sure you will have a check waiting upon your return, which I’m sure will be nice. We are in the process of removing your popcorn ceiling. We have landscaped your old back yard. I guess life moves on… I sure am jealous of your trip. It seems you both know how to capture life as it progresses. I am sorry to see you move, but please know I appreciated the chance to get to know you. Mbestbof luck in the future.

    Warmest regards,

    Chris Moore
    Pasadena, CA


    1. NateKat’s avatar

      Thanks Chris! Thanks for the tip about Fern Canyon, we tried to stop there a couple days ago, but unfortunately the police had that part of the park closed to look for some armed suspect. But we know we’ll have to visit some of these places again in the future, so it will stay on our to do list!!


    2. Ryan’s avatar


      Stumbled upon your site after seeing a link in a Backpacker comment page. Your trips look amazing!!

      If you guys ever get the chance to go back to Mt. Whitney, I would highly recommend hiking the High Sierra Trail. My wife and I completed this over the past summer and it was absolutely amazing (Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10101133794668304.1073741827.11321688&type=1&l=1b9d216568). We will have to do this hike again sometime, because the day we were to summit Mt. Whitney, we hit a crazy snowstorm and were unable to summit. The weather had been in the 80s our entire trip, and we weren’t prepared for snow.

      We are planning on backpacking the Teton Crest Trail this summer, probably end of July/early August. Let me know if you have any tips!

      Good luck on your feature adventures!


      1. NateKat’s avatar

        Thanks Ryan!

        We would love to get back out into the Sierras and do the High Sierra Trail. We have heard a lot of good things about it. But now that we are living in PA, we are probably going to be doing more East Coast backpacking… which I think means we’ll really have to learn how to handle rain! Unexpected snow while backpacking is always an adventure, but I feel like rain might be worse… at least snow is pretty!

        Good luck with the Teton Crest trail, hopefully you have good weather! It’s an incredible backpack. My tip is to apply for your permit ASAP unless you are planning on doing walk-up… even in mid January I didn’t get my first choice dates for a September trip!

        Thanks for stopping by!


      2. Jacques’s avatar

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