Radnor Hunt Races

In May last year we joined large crowds of locals to watch the Radnor Hunt Races.  It is a series of steeplechase races around a 1 mile track across the hilly Pennsylvania countryside. The all-day event attracts 20,000 fans for high-class tailgating around the race course.


The races also give a nod to the Radnor Hunts (fox hunt), by guiding fox hounds around the 1 mile track.  We think about halfway around the hounds figured out it was too hot and there were no foxes.  The hounds started to stray into the crowds, which got the kids pretty excited.


We hope to return this year with friends and family.


Most guys in attendance sported an East Coast style with khakis and boat shoes… Nathan added a little SoCal flair with his flip flops and hiking shorts.



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