Polo Match 2014

Looks like it’s time to catch up on some really old posts…

We spent our July 4th weekend working on some home improvement projects, but we decided to take a break and check out a Friday night Polo match at the Brandywine Polo Club.


It was a casual game played by all ages.


It turned out to be a good match for first-time viewers like us since the announcers spent some time explaining the rules and strategies during the game.


When a group of 4-5 polo ponies ran down the sideline you could feel the hooves pounding the ground.


We were also surprised that each player had multiple polo ponies and would swap them out after each chukka (period).


It was a casual afternoon event with families having a picnic on the lawn with wine, cheese, and crackers.  It is definitely something we’ll be doing again next summer.


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