August 30, 2014

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It’s been over 4 months since our last post!  In those 4 months we’ve been busy buying and fixing up our first house, catching up with friends and family, and of course working, but we have also managed to fit in a little exploration of the East Coast.  We are just way overdue on posting about it!

Back in April we drove down to Washington D.C. to see the world famous cherry blossoms.


We were lucky to have Katharine’s aunt Lisa as our very own tour guide to help navigate the metro and crowded Tidal Basin area.



This year the peak bloom, parade, and sunny weather all landed on the day that we visited, which created massive crowds lining the Tidal Basin and other monuments.

If you click on the photo to zoom you can see the Jefferson Memorial stairs covered in people

Although there were thousands of people, the trees were spectacular overflowing with blossoms.  When the wind blew, the trees showered the visitors with white and pink petals.



We don’t exactly love crowds, so we found the experience a little stressful and overwhelming, but it was clear why so many people were there.  The blossoms were amazing and totally lived up to the hype. The monuments, water, and cherry trees make for some unique sights and photos.




We can’t wait to get back to DC to visit the other monuments and the museums. We’ve both been before, but years ago. It’s nice to being so close to so many interesting cities out here!