Portland- Epic Trip Day 18

Day 17-18: Portland, OR (8/20-8/21)

After seeing the sunrise in Crater Lake, we started the drive back to civilization. Our first stop was in Eugene to visit a friend of Katharine’s from her study abroad semester and Fulbright year in Germany. It was great to catch up with Eleanor and meet her fiancé… sadly we completely failed to get a photo!

We continued on to Portland to see Katharine’s cousin Nancy. Nancy and Bill welcomed us into their beautiful home overlooking Portland and Mt. Hood with a delicious dinner and great conversation. They had just finished a remodel of their deck, which turned out beautifully and was a perfect place to relax in the evening.

View from the deck


That night we very gladly slept in a comfortable bed and managed to catch up on some sleep from the night before. In the morning we were again treated to a breakfast feast and then headed out for an adventure in Portland called the 4-T’s trail. The trail is actually a combination of Trail, Tram, Train, and Trolley and makes for an interesting way to explore the city. We started by hiking in the woods for a couple miles, then took a short tram ride down from the top of a hill, then took a trolley (street car) to downtown.


Once we got downtown, we checked out Powell’s books and did some people watching. Then we walked to Voodoo Donuts, a classic stop in Portland. We met up with Nancy there and got a couple crazy donuts for the road. The maple bacon was delicious and the traditional voodoo was surprisingly good despite the rather gruesome shape.

We had a great short visit in Portland, we definitely wish we had more time to explore the city and the great hiking around it.


Epic Trip Stats:

  • Days: 18
  • Nights in a tent: 14
  • Miles driven: 2380
  • Miles hiked: 73
  • Square Footage of Powell’s City of Books: 68,000+

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