Yosemite Glacier Point (Epic Trip Day 4)

Day 4: Yosemite National Park, Glacier Point (8/7)

On our second day in Yosemite, we spent most of the morning preparing for our 3-day backpacking trip.  Our gear and food was organized for car camping and we had to readjust for backpacking sorting through all our gear and food, double checking we didn’t forget anything.  We rode the shuttle around the village picking up backpacking permits, food, and fuel, which gave us a better sense of the crowds and shuttle stops. We also made a quick photo stop at Valley View, which has a great shot of El Capitan and the Merced River.

Valley View

In the afternoon we made the drive towards Glacier Point, which gives you an amazing view of the Valley and Half Dome. On our way, we stopped to do a short 5 mile loop hike to Sentinel Dome and Taft point. The hike had some outstanding views as well as some bold deer along the trail, and it was just what our legs needed after the long hike the day before.

View from Taft Point

As it got closer to sunset, we headed to Glacier Point and set up to do some time lapse photography of Half Dome in the evening/sunset light. The sun didn’t fully cooperate, but we got a short period with nice color on the face of Half Dome.

Half Dome during sunset

While we were there, an energetic and experienced ranger gave an impromptu 20 minute explanation on how the Yosemite Valley was formed, engaging kids as props to act out different geological events. As is often the case in the evenings, we were properly bundled in down jackets and hats, while many others were shivering in their t-shirts and shorts.

It was a great way to spend the evening and gave us a bit of a view of where we would be backpacking for the next 3 days.


Trip Stats:

  • Days: 4
  • Nights in a tent: 3
  • Miles driven: 627
  • Miles hiked: 14


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