And we’re off!

We are finally on the road!

We spent all last week packing up our apartment, closing things out in LA, and packing our Subaru Outback to the brim with everything we need for 2.5 months on the road. On Friday night we drove to San Diego to say goodbye to Nathan’s family and celebrate his grandmother’s 95th birthday! We also had the chance to wish Mike and Dariane well as tomorrow they start their trip around the world for a year. We were very impressed that they fit everything they needed for a year abroad in one small backpack each while our car is completely full for our 2.5 month trip. Check out their travels on their blog Pints all Around.

Now we are headed to our first real stop of the trip – Pinnacles National Park, the newest National Park. President Obama converted it from a National Monument to a National Park in January of this year. Once it attained Park status, we decided we needed to add it to our itinerary at least as a quick stop. The park is known for its spectacular rock formations and talus caves, but since it’s in the Salinas Valley, it will definitely be hot this time of year. We hope to get a hike in early tomorrow morning before it heats up too much, then we’ll be headed to Yosemite!


Last stop at a SoCal beach – La Jolla, CA


Trip Stats:

  • Days: 0.5
  • Nights in a tent: 0
  • Miles Driven: 186.3
  • Miles Hiked: 0
  • Number of Bentleys seen on the road from SD to LA: 3
  1. Mike’s avatar

    Thanks for the shoutout! Hope y’all are having a blast! The heat’s pretty killer in Austin, but we’re not climbing any mountains, so it’s a lot easier on us, ha.



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