Most family events involve large hectic dinners so it’s nice to get some one on one time and do something we both enjoy.  During a weekend visit in March to San Diego, Katharine, my mom, and I booked an afternoon watercolor class, which I knew my mom would love.  


My parents are both artists and when given the chance to shine they blow people away!  This class was an intro to watercolors and the idea was to learn new techniques while painting greeting cards.  The teacher started by going on and on about her credentials and galleries then the teacher asked about people previous experience in which my mom humbly said “some a long time ago.”  Ha, I thought to my self be prepared to be surprised.  It’s like the excitement in a movie when the unassuming character takes on the loud mouth braggart and you already know the ending.

My mom picked this complicated magazine photo that included an ornate china coffee cup and rose.  The teacher hesitate and almost talked my mom out of it.  Then the teacher with some more doubt suggested she spend sometime sketching it out after a minute of sketching my mom said “eh lets just give it a try.”  After 5 minutes she painted the ornate design and everyone in the class noticed how good it was looking already.


After many oohs and awes from the other students, teacher, and another artist working on oil paintings nearby, the greeting card developed into a nice piece of afternoon art.


The card itself went to good use a couple months later when she presented to her mom for Mother’s Day this weekend.


I know every parent wants their kids to exceed and be better than themselves, but as a child it’s fun to be impressed by your parents.  Even though my mom is formally trained in the arts, she rarely paints these days, but you can tell she has raw talent when she does.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Another card she painted that afternoon


  1. Linda Knarreborg’s avatar

    Hi Nathan:
    Your observations & high praise in this post are very sweet & kind. I’m very touched & complimented.
    Better than any Mother’s Day Card you could find in the store! 
    I enjoyed being with you & Katharine & appreciate the thoughtfulness for both of you to arrange, pay & then share the experience!
    Again, thank you for making me a mom 30 years ago! Being a mother to you & Jonathan has been one of the best things in my entire life…no hesitation or doubt in that.



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