Mt. Whitney – A success!

After all the training and preparing and trip planning, we were pretty confident that we would be able to reach the summit of Mt. Whitney last weekend. And all of that training and planning absolutely paid off – we had an amazing three days in the high Sierra this week including a successful summit day on Monday. We definitely planned the itinerary completely within our abilities so that while the climb was still challenging at times, we were able to take our time and appreciate (and photograph) the amazing scenery around us. We will post a detailed trip report later, but here are a couple photos!

At the summit!

Sunrise at Trail Camp

This weekend we are headed to Big Sur for our last trip of the summer – a relaxing weekend enjoying the beautiful coastline and more luxurious accommodations. For us, that means a cabin instead of a tent and restaurant food instead of rehydrating a freeze dried meal!

  1. Kyle Kuns’s avatar

    Congrats! It’s an amazing place. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to going back–perhaps by High Sierra Trail or John Muir Trail.


    1. natekat’s avatar

      Thanks! We definitely were intrigued by the people finishing their 20-30 day JMT trips, but that seems a little too long for us to do all at once. We’re more interested in doing a shorter and more relaxing backpacking trip in the Sierras next… I’m thinking some of the high sierra lakes would be a great destination!


    2. Josh’s avatar

      Congrats! Glad to see all of the hard work paid off! Can’t wait to see the trip report!



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