Track Us Hiking Mt. Whitney!

After a full summer of hiking and backpacking we are finally headed to Mt. Whitney this weekend!  You can track us using the link below.

We actually managed to reserve an entry permit for Sunday which was very exciting and relieving as it allows us to have a more set plan for the trip. We now have all day Saturday to relax and acclimate, then we begin the Mt. Whitney trail on Sunday. We plan to summit on Monday and hike back out on Tuesday.


We had a very successful summer training program, completing all of our training hikes (although we are clearly behind on trip reports). We are feeling pretty confident for Mt. Whitney especially after summiting White Mountain, another peak above 14,000′ without any major signs of altitude sickness!

Mt. Wilson (5,710’) – 14 miles, 4000 ft gain [completed April 1]

Mt. Baden Powell (9,400’) – 8 miles, 2800 ft gain [completed May 13]

Cucamonga Peak (8,859’) – 11.5 miles, 4300 ft gain [completed May 19]

Mt San Antonio aka Baldy (10,064’) – 10.5 miles, 3900 ft gain [completed June 3]

San Bernardino Peak (10,649’) & East San Bernardino (10,691′)– 16.5 miles, 5500 ft gain [completed June 16-17]

Santiago Peak (5,689’) – 15.5 miles, 4450 ft gain [completed June 24]

Mt. San Jacinto (10,800’) – 19.3 miles, 5200 ft gain [completed June 30 – July 1]

Telescope Peak (11,050’) – 14 miles, 3000 ft gain [completed July 14]

Mt. San Gorgonio (11,502’) – 21 miles, 4600 ft gain [completed July 28-29]

White Mt. (14,246’) – 14 miles, 3300 ft gain [completed August 11]


After all the preparing and training, now we just have to hope for good weather and a safe trip!

  1. Kyle Kuns’s avatar

    Its an amazing place. Have a great trip!


  2. Josh’s avatar

    You guys are going to love it! Good luck and can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!



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