Camping at Lake Cachuma

We took a break from our high elevation peak climbing to spend some time hanging out with Katharine’s brother Rick.  Rick was in town for a wedding and a camping trip with old college friends so we tagged along (because we haven’t done enough camping this year).  It was definitely a change from the backpacking and hardcore hiking, but it was fun to lounge around, eat steak, drink beer, and share stories.

Next time make sure the beer is closer to the hammock

We also had a good time playing with the two dogs and wish we had the time to have a dog of our own.

The night was filled with laughter, acoustic guitar and the crackling campfire.

There was also some Jiffy Pop successfully cooked over the fire by the only two people patient enough to slowly heat the kernels.

The sky was dark and only the campfire lit up the trees until…

The full moon rose above the horizon brightening the sky.  Every once in a while the moon surprises us like this and it takes us a few moments to realize it’s the moon rising.

While everyone else slept in I headed out with my camera to see what I could find.  I found a few lone fisherman gliding through the morning fog waiting for a morning bite.

While headed back to camp I could see a covey of quail feeding under a tree.  I quickly moved toward the tree but the skittish birds took to flight with their characteristic flushing sound.

Once everyone woke up, some helped to cook another gourmet meal on the campfire while others played keep away from a Buckie, an energetic terrier.


We had a great time and appreciated the chance to relax!


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