After Bryce Canyon we headed south to backpack Buckskin Gulch!  We traveled 2 hours south to White House Campground and setup camp on the desert sand in the hot sun.  We decided to drive down the road and hike a mile to some hoodoos.  It was a hot hike, but it was fun to climb on the rocks and explore the area.


Toward sunset we headed back to camp, but we had one more stop before we could call it a night: the Nautilus!  This is a rock formation that is kept secret to avoid it being overrun by people.  It has been uniquely carved by flash floods to be like a corkscrew.  No other rocks around it are shaped in this way and you would probably walk right past it if you weren’t looking for it.

Although this water carved rock was pretty amazing in itself we had no idea what we were in for in Buckskin Gulch!


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