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NateKat · Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking

There are some events you hear about, but you’ve never seen it done – like fish stocking!  We’ve always heard “oh this lake is stocked every year” but who sees it, how do they do it?  During our visit in Pennsylvania the timing worked out that we got to see the White Clay Creek get stocked with 2,000 trout!  The White Clay Fly Fishers raised the money for the fish stocking and were there to help introduce the fish into the creek.

Katharine’s Dad, Paul, White Clay Fly Fisherman

The trout were netted out of a truck and into large buckets.


The fly fisherman lined up in a bucket brigade and passed the fish down to the water’s edge.


There they were transfered to floating barrels which had small holes to allow water to flow in and out while they moved down the river.


There were actually two locations the fish were introduced but we just followed these barrels down the river.  The fish were then netted again and placed in areas they may normally be found.


By introducing the fish in smaller quantities throughout the stream it improves their chances of survival and has less of an impact on the creek’s habitat.


Most of the fly fisherman were older but it was fun to see the younger generation get in on the fun.


These types of events are always interesting and fun to see the behind the scenes of how people support their hobbies and interests.



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