August 26, 2011

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We’re back! We spent 13 days in Alaska for our honeymoon. We visited 5 cities, 3 National Parks, took 20 flights (some unexpected), 3,615 photos, and saw more animals than we can count or name. It’s going to take us a while to sort through the photos so we thought we would give you a preview of our first week.

Our trip began on August 8th where we arrived in Gustavus (Glacier Bay National Park)

Walking Along the Coast, Gustavus, Day 1

Mountain GoatsĀ (check out the two young ones in the top left corner), Glacier Bay Nat’l Park, Day 2

Tidal Glacier (the face is a couple hundred feet above the water), Glacier Bay Nat’l Park, Day 2

Flew to Juneau via Bush Plane, Gustavus, Day 3

Black Bear Cub Eating Salmon, Juneau, Day 3

Hiking to Flat Top Mountain, Anchorage, Day 4

Rolling Growler (small iceberg turning over in the ocean) in Prince William Sound, Valdez, Day 5

Harbor Seals Floating on Ice, Prince William Sound, Day 5

Sea Otters Playing, Prince William Sound, Day 5

Kayaking Through a Sea of Icebergs, Columbia Bay, Valdez, Day 6