Playing Celebrity Taboo with Friends

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Palm Springs with some friends from work.  The weekend was filled with relaxing by the pool, watching movies, eating, drinking and one evening of Celebrity Taboo.  The food was inspired by Felipe and Claudia which was incredible and plentiful.



While we relaxed Lauren finished some last minute studying amongst the chaos.

Saturday evening there was an intense game of Celebrity Taboo which made for some funny expressions and impressions.

It was such a fun time we rarely talked about work, so it turned out to be the perfect long weekend!

While we were out in Palm Springs, Katharine and I decided to take advantage of the aerial tram to climb Mt. San Jacinto, one of the big three peaks in SoCal. More on that in another post!

  1. Claudia’s avatar

    These pictures are hilarious! Definitely brought back some fun memories.

    I’m gonna go ahead and say that I don’t remember anything about that second picture. Were we marinating strawberries? Making salad dressing? No idea.

    Fun times, though!



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