March 21, 2011

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By Katharine

I have begun planning our Spring Break trip to Zion National Park in April, and I am really getting excited for it… There will be some amazing opportunities for photography plus it looks like we will be able to fit in a backpacking portion as well. This has motivated Nathan and me to get back to regular hiking so that we will be somewhat in-shape for the trip.

So, this weekend we procrastinated a lot of wedding tasks and studying for midterms by going on a short hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Last year I got Jerry Schad’s hiking guide for LA county and bookmarked all the hikes I want us to do before we move away from LA and this week we checked one off: Red Rock Canyon.

The hike is a short (4.5 mile) out-and-back hike up and then down into a canyon. The scenery was mostly the typical SoCal chaparral of the Santa Monica Mts, but it’s always beautiful to me.


There also were some really cool caves to climb and explore.

.Plus, near the end, we started to see why they call it Red Rock Canyon.

And, for the second time in a row, we came across a film crew at some point in our hike. Only in LA!

Overall, it was a nice break from studying and a good training hike with the elevation gain and loss. Next time we should probably load up our backpacks with water to really train for our trip.