March 8, 2011

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By Nathan

I once saw a photo of downtown LA with snow covered mountains in the background and ever since then I wanted to take that photo.  The day after we returned from snowboarding I started searching the web for the best photo and using google maps to place me in the same location.  Luckily most people online posted their exact location and it turns out a great vantage point is only 10 minutes away.  The view point that rises out of the flat urban environment is better know as Baldwin Hills.  There is a windy path and a steep flight of stairs to the top which is used by many for exercise and locally known as “the stairs.”

“The Stairs”

I set up my camera and tripod at the top and waited for the sun to set.  As I waited several other photographers with more experience and better equipment joined me at the railing.  As the sun set the wind picked up and I realize it was time for me to get a new tripod.  With the wind blowing, the light dwindling, and the haze in the sky it was hard to get a crisp photo.

Canon 40D, 70-200mm with 1.4x Extender, 113mm, ISO 500, f/5.6, 1/1000

Even though I didn’t get the perfect shot, I finally found the right location, so now I just need all the other elements to fall into place.  Even though I’ve lived in Los Angeles for more than 10 years the snow covered mountains behind downtown LA always surprise me.