February 3, 2011

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Favorite Photos

By Katharine

We have started to put together our favorite photos from the past few years and are compiling them into a gallery. We started with our cross-country road trip in the summer of 2008. Nathan met me in Chicago and then we drove out together, hitting 5 national parks along the way. I think that trip is really what sparked our interest in hiking and camping and visiting the national parks.

Anyways, we also have some up from 2009 and a few from trips in 2010. We’ll be adding more when we have time!

We are still figuring out how to get wordpress to display our photo galleries the way we want, but in the meantime you can only view a slide show for 20 photos at a time, then you have to click to the next page for the next set. Maybe that’s their way of saying 20 photos is enough!

So check out our favorites. Enjoy!