Bridal Shower!

By Katharine

Nathan and I went to my parents’ house in PA for Christmas and my maid of honor Kara threw me a wonderful bridal shower! It was a pretty laid-back affair, but it had the most important thing: friends and family. Only one of my close friends couldn’t make it, and my grandmother hosted the event at her awesome house.


We didn’t play a lot of silly games because that isn’t our style, but Kara did ask Nathan a bunch of questions about himself and us beforehand so that they could quiz me to see how similarly I would answer. For any answer I got wrong, I had to eat a gum ball (which wouldn’t have been so bad except these were some really old gumballs haha). In the end, I thought I did pretty well. She asked what superhero he’d be – I answered Superman because I didn’t know many superheros which was exactly what he wrote. If stranded on a deserted island, we both would choose fire starter as our one thing to bring.  We both remembered that we had our first kiss while watching the Cosby show and I knew that if he had to compare me to an animal, he’d go with a mole. (I’m not really a morning person… and I’m super blind without my contacts.) And I knew his dream car was a Toyota Tacoma… although since our Yosemite trip I think we’ve decided a Subaru Outback would be better 🙂

Still, Kara and Nathan stumped me on quite a few and I ended up with one hell of a wad of gum! I guessed his favorite food was milk and cookies while he said steak and mashed potatoes. I didn’t know his favorite movie (Sandlot or Top Gun) although he later agreed my guess (Love Actually) was also good. If he were an animal, he would not be an eagle, but rather a hawk (I still contend that this was close enough, but Nathan claims he purposely did not pick eagles because they are known to be scavengers.)

And there were a few questions that Nathan answered very sweetly, reminding me why he’s such a keeper 🙂 For what outfit he most likes seeing me in, he answered “Boots, wool socks, hiking shorts, ice breaker shirt, gray hat and a backpack…because that means we’re on an adventure, having fun and just enjoying being together.” And his favorite thing about me? We’re best friends and I can be myself around her, she picks me up when I am down, corrects me when I am wrong, but loves me for who I am.  I could say the same about him!

The rest of the shower included my family and friends showering me with awesome kitchen gifts – thanks! and I got a great collection of recipes.  Plus, Kara made a kickass pumpkin spice cake which was delicious. yum! (and she could probably be a professional cake decorator, don’t you think?)


Afterwards, my friends and I headed to the only bar in Hockessin, DE (it is quite the place to be, let me tell you!) and had some drinks and fun catching up. All in all, it was a wonderful shower – Thank you Kara!


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