January 6, 2011

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By Katharine

Now that it is officially 2011,  the year of our wedding (wow!) I am realizing there is a lot to do… Our wedding is exactly 7 months from today! Starting in December I began making a list of wedding related things that I thought we needed to work on once we finished final exams and got through the holidays. Now, here we are, and here’s our list, ready to be checked off:

1. Food Tasting with the caterer for the reception

2. Finalize guest list. Design, order/print, and send out save-the-dates. Get addresses!

3. Reconnect with the photographer we are considering

4. Decide where to register and start making a list

5. Continue researching hotel options for all our out of town guests – sign up for a block if possible

6. Start researching DJ’s

7. Continue researching / trying out other rehearsal dinner locations

I am pretty good at making To Do lists. I am less good at checking things off my To Do lists.

We are still going back and forth on some parts of our guest list and haven’t even begun to think about what we want our Save the Dates to look like.  (We are still in the process of sending out our year-end cards and thank you notes for Christmas.) As we began addressing all the cards, we decided to invest in a return address stamp, and when we were researching options, we came across this:

Sure, they spelled my name wrong, but still, Nathan and Katharine, from Los Angeles, right next to each other in their catalogue?? We considered it a sign that we should buy our stamp from them!

Other than ordering the stamp, the only thing I think we’ve done so far is decide where to register, but we haven’t actually set up any registries.

We do have a 3-day weekend coming up, but we were thinking of using that to go to Vegas. And the following weekend we will be in Arizona for my grandmother’s 90th birthday… so I think that means we better make good use of our weeknights this month if we expect to accomplish even half of this list!