Wedding Colors

By Katharine

When people find out you are getting married, the first question they ask is when and where. Nathan and I now have an answer for that, but I am always surprised by the next question: Have you decided on colors?

Really? That’s the next question? Well, apparently it is, and a vague answer of  “We’re thinking maybe some sort of blue and/or green” doesn’t seem to satisfy the asker. I’m not the only one to find this question rather strange and hard to answer, but sometimes it’s easier to give in than to fight it. So after successfully buying a wedding dress, my shopping helpers took me to the hardware store to mix and match paint chips. We started with all the blues and greens and settled on a dark/medium blue called ‘ribbon blue’ with a lighter green called ‘fennel leaves’. I wanted another accent color and one of my lovely bridesmaids had suggested yellow.  So we mixed and matched a pale yellow and all agreed that it added to the summer feel and helped lighten and brighten the blue and green. So, after getting Nathan’s approval, we have settled on our colors! The girls decided I needed to rename the colors because just saying “blue, green, and yellow” also won’t satisfy the asker. So I can now happily announce that our colors are:


“Blue Jay blue”


“Parrot Green”


“Pale Canary Yellow”

Noticing the bird theme? Don’t worry, the wedding won’t be bird themed!

Note: The paint chips were from Dutch Boy, and I can’t find the exact colors on their website for some reason, so these are just my best approximation using paint.

  1. Alex’s avatar

    Yay! Love the colors! I was thinking your theme could be “Love Birds.” What do you think? 😉


    1. NateKat’s avatar

      Haha that’s actually really cute! and since trees and birds go together… well, you know how I love trees 🙂


    2. Melissa’s avatar

      LOVE BIRDS?!?!?!?! ummm best idea EVER.



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