Halloween 2010

By Nathan

Halloween sort of snuck up on us this year since we were preparing for our parents visit (more on that later). So we didn’t do a whole lot, but we did keep our pumpkin carving tradition alive (2nd year).  We had a few trick-or-treaters from our building but they were a little young.  I am not sure that they knew what the holiday is really all about…getting as much candy as possible, of course.  We are now stuck with 1 lbs minus 2 pieces of candy.  The toddlers in our apartment building showed their appreciation for our  jack-o-lanterns by kicking them.  Of course they were cute but I wish they took more candy.

Katharine carved an Ansel Adams-esque image of the Tetons and Snake River.  This photo was taken a couple days after it was carved so the sun is missing it’s rays.

I carved “NATE KAT” but the pictures aren’t the best since I had to take them in the bathroom where it was dark but I was too close.   I always forgot to take the photos at night outside.  Maybe next year I’ll remember.


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