October 11, 2010

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By Nathan

My parents came up for the weekend for my Dad’s birthday and to check out two possible wedding venues.  After visiting Middle Ranch  we also headed up the street to Moore ‘n Moore Sporting Clays.  It’s been several months since I was at the range and close to a year since my brother and dad went with me.  It was a perfect outing to empty my prepaid membership card (~100 clays) and shoot the couple of left over boxes of shells from dove season.

After a few warm up stations we decided to add a little pressure.  The game was best out of 5 doubles alternating between shooters.  Even though we were a little rusty we still hit that majority of the targets.

I also took the opportunity to take some photos of my brother and created some sample advertisements.

In a little over an hour we had emptied my card of clays and headed to the next wedding venue.  This weekend we have chosen Middle Ranch for our wedding so there is a good possibility of a morning shooting event before the wedding!

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